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ShopperCentre 360

Discover the profit potential of data-driven supplier collaboration

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ShopperCentre 360

ShopperCentre 360 is a software platform that enables retailers to commercialize their data with suppliers, and maximize the impact of both category management and customer insights to the benefit of the retailer, the supplier, and the customer.


Retailer-Supplier Collaboration

By providing suppliers and category management teams with access to the same information, ShopperCentre 360 ensures there is a single version of the truth, enabling retailers and suppliers to collaborate more effectively.


Speed and Automation

ShopperCentre 360 significantly reduces the time and resources required to generate insights by providing real-time custom dashboards, intuitive business question-centric navigation, and templated outputs. Users can save reports, and set up automated analysis re-runs without having to run all queries from the beginning each time.


Flexible Performance Review

Users are empowered to report performance against a number of sales and customer metrics, and drill into the drivers of top-line results, ensuring all business areas benefit from group-wide KPIs.


Data Commercialization

Retailers can drive incremental revenue from their suppliers both by providing access to the platform on a subscription basis, and by leveraging the platform’s insights to improve the ROI of promotional investments.


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