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Mastercard SpendingPulse™

Contextualize and forecast consumer buying trends with localized market intelligence and retail analytics.

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The SpendingPulse Next Generation platform enables organizations to visualize consumer spending patterns in near real-time, powering decisions across a range of applications with detailed historical insights and sales forecasts.

SpendingPulse Next Generation is currently available across ten sectors – including Restaurants, Lodging and Total Retail. It showcases spend analysis at the county and DMA-level, while enabling comparison of in-store versus online spending. Use SpendingPulse Next Generation to contextualize performance against key industry sectors, act on differences in consumer buying trends at granular geographic levels, and capitalize on channel shifts in consumer spending.

Backed by a team of expert economists, Mastercard SpendingPulse provides market intelligence based on national retail sales across all payments types. Our SpendingPulse findings are based on aggregated sales activity in the Mastercard payments network, coupled with survey based estimates for certain other payment forms, such as cash and check.

Mastercard also offers monthly SpendingPulse Executive Reports, which spotlight consumer spending by month, year and region for sectors such as Apparel, Grocery, and Online; they include retail analysis of current market conditions. The reports are available in select markets around the world, including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Leverage SpendingPulse to gain market intelligence on consumer spending to answer key business questions, including:


Is consumer spend in particular areas contracting or expanding over time?


Which days of the month offer the highest projected consumer spending in the industry?


Which regions and segments are seeing an increase in consumer buying?

*SpendingPulse insights do not in any way contain, reflect or relate to actual Mastercard operational or financial performance, or specific payment-card-issuer data.

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