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Cyber Security & Risk

Mastercard Data & Services helps businesses and their partners prioritize, quantify and prevent different types of risk, including cyber, financial and others

How do you identify the unknown risks that could hurt your business?

Address critical security questions head-on with Mastercard’s state-of-the-art technology and hands-on experience so you can decrease financial risk, increase peace of mind and have your customers’ backs.


Our solutions enable businesses to protect the people, transactions and devices that power their business, from the outside and the inside. From the outside-in, Mastercard takes a detect and protect approach to silently screen every transaction, limit the impact of fraud events and proactively assess networks for vulnerabilities.

We also take an identify and mitigate approach to spotlight ecosystem vulnerabilities, ensure users are legitimate, identify potential data compromise events and understand third-party cyber risk. From the inside-out, Mastercard provides tools and services that assess and advise against threats to measure cyber risk in business terms, improve employee awareness and resilience, prepare and practice for attacks and provide expert advice

Mastercard has unmatched expertise and extensive hands-on experience securing a worldwide network. 

How does Mastercard help you solve your security and operations challenges?

Acquirer Intelligence Center

Self-service and pre-defined analytics on portfolio performance across volume, fraud, and authorization, compared to custom benchmarks for a full view of business performance and actionable insights

Cyber Quant

Identify and quantify cyber security risks, flag security gaps, and estimate the impact of new cyber security controls on the business within an organization’s relevant threat landscape, to create personalized results and recommendations

Advanced Investment Management

Maximize the long-term value of acquisition, engagement, and retention campaigns with analytics software that rapidly builds forecasts and recommends optimal campaign investments

An organization used Cyber Quant to gain senior management’s buy-
in for cyber investments