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Targeting the Rollout of a Media Heavy-Up

The Company

A top 5 wireless carrier operating a national network

The Challenge

In addition to a national media campaign, the company had spent millions of dollars on incremental advertising in specific markets. However, the client was having trouble measuring the ROI of this media investment.

The Solution

The client turned to APT’s Test & Learn™ software to help them measure the cause-and-effect relationship between the heavy-up and customer acquisition. APT showed that new customer activations in test markets were significantly greater than activations in control markets. Automated drill-down analysis showed that all of the benefit was driven by activations of one type of rate plan, with no significant impact to other types of activation. Additionally, APT identified that sites in areas with specific demographic characteristics had a much higher ROI than the average sites. Meanwhile, lower-performing sites were not generating sufficient ROI. APT used this information to build a predictive model to identify markets in which increased advertising would be profitable.

The Results

Implementing the results of this Test & Learn™ analysis is expected to more than double the program ROI.
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