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Improving the ROI of Outbound Calling

The Company

A large, consumer-facing services provider with a significant call center operation performing both inbound and outbound calling

The Challenge

The organization needed to understand whether it should use call center specialists to call customers due for renewal of a specific product. However, management was unsure whether employing additional specialist FTEs towards this initiative was worth the investment.

The Solution

The company turned to APT to help test the effectiveness of having specialists call customers due for renewal of a specific product. A small group of representative customers would receive calls from specialists, while all others would receive calls as usual. APT’s Test & Learn™ software revealed that this initiative was moderately successful on average --by cross-selling additional products, the specialists were able to generate greater revenue per call than with traditional reps, though this gain was largely offset by increased costs.

Additionally, the software identified a certain group of customers that responded better to calls than others. Having specialists call these customers was extremely profitable. Using APT’s targeted customer recommendations, the client decided to deploy its specialists to only those customers predicted to respond profitably to the call.

The Results

By tailoring the use of specialists to a specific subset of customers, the client generated over one million dollars in incremental annual profits.
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