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Designing the Optimal Menu: A Restaurant Case Study

The Company

A leading restaurant brand

The Challenge

Management planned to update its menu to focus on items proven to build guest loyalty. They wanted to leverage their incredible amount of stored data in order to target the most appropriate items, but had no established method of doing so.

The Solution

Management chose APT’s Menu Analyzer to create a detailed report of the performance of each item. Menu Analyzer drew upon detailed check-level data, guest information, and guest satisfaction surveys in order to provide the frequency of purchase, margin contribution, “rest of check” sales, and guest loyalty of each item. With Menu Analyzer, management could easily compare item-level statistics according to guest segment, which helped them see how different customers responded to each item.

The Results

Management directed the culinary team to highlight the highest-value menu items, remove those of lowest value, and create new items that fit the high-value profile. In addition, the data from Menu Analyzer helped direct the marketing team to target the items with strongest guest loyalty in new advertising and promotions
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