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Business Issues for Manufacturers

From introducing new products to collaborating with retail trading partners on shopper marketing initiatives, manufacturers have realized they must continuously innovate in order to thrive in an intensely competitive industry. Typically, the challenge for these companies is not coming up with new ideas, but rather determining which ideas work, which don't, and which could work if fine-tuned. APT provides manufacturers and their retail trading partners the capability to address these challenges through in-store experimentation followed by rigorous, rapid analysis of results.

Read this article about how Hershey is leveraging Test & Learn to evaluate and refine a wide range of strategic initiatives.

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Manufacturers report analyzing tests more than 6 times faster using APT’s software than using their organization’s previous method.

What Are Executives Saying About Test & Learn?

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"I had the pleasure of working with APT earlier in my career at a major retailer and now value the relationship as a consumer goods marketer. The Test and Learn capability provides a powerful analytical foundation and approach for evaluating and tailoring business initiatives to increase their value. We have been able to identify millions of dollars in specific incremental profit opportunities for ourselves and for our retail partners. APT provides more than just a software solution - they are a partner in building our business."

- Executive Director of Business Intelligence

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