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Employee Training Program: A Banking Case Study

The Company

A leading European bank with over fifty thousand employees and over three thousand locations.

The Challenge

This bank had spent two years developing its training program but was not getting the results it expected. Performance gains were not consistent across its branches, with less than 30% of them showing large performance gains. In a quarter of the branches, business was actually down.

The Solution

The bank chose to use APT's Test & Learn™ software to refine their investment in employee training. APT's test vs. control analysis showed that the investment in the employee training program actually led to clear and sustained profitability on average. However, Test & Learn™ identified an opportunity for the bank to refine elements of its training program and delivered a ranked list of locations they should prioritize. APT delivered a clear strategy of branch targeting and program refinement that the bank could follow with confidence.

The Results

APT’s recommendation was worth over $20MM per year in incremental profit.
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