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Bank Branch Technology: A Banking Case Study

The Company

A leading retail bank with a prestigious brand and vast network of branch locations

The Challenge

The bank needed to understand the impact of new branch banking technology on customer behavior. Their goal was to improve customer service, but management was concerned that increased automation would decrease cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

The Solution

Management chose APT's Test & Learn for Sites™ to analyze both branch and customer metrics. Test & Learn was able to isolate the investment’s impact on particular sets of customers and specific transaction values. This information showed that the new technology was used more by younger bank customers with low-value transactions, freeing up tellers for higher-value service. APT software also showed that customers who used the new technology for low-value transactions still spoke with tellers on other occasions, minimizing any loss of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

The Results

Test & Learn showed that over $5MM worth of teller labor would be saved. The bank rolled out the new technology with confidence.
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