Test & Learn for Sites

Know the impact of each idea before rolling it out


Test each idea. Know with certainty if it works. Then decide what to do.

Whether it’s a remodel or a new promotional strategy, Test & Learn for Sites reads a program’s true impact, and recommends the most profitable action to take at every site going forward.

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Key Benefits of Test & Learn for Sites


Not Just Insights, But Decisions

By comparing the performance of locations that receive a new initiative to ‘control’ locations that do not, Test & Learn identifies key drivers of performance and recommends a clear action plan going forward. Take the ambiguity out of decision-making.

Business Focus

Business Focus

Test & Learn is built for business users. The intuitive workflow guides the user with built-in best practices to ensure that each analysis is accurately executed for maximum learnings, in minimum time. Run your business, not reports.


Speed and Automation

Users can rapidly analyze massive data sets in a matter of seconds, drilling down into each metric, category, or location. Retailers report analyzing tests 6 times faster with Test & Learn than with previous methods. Leave no program untested.

Success Stories

Big Lots

“One of the biggest advantages of the APT software is its intuitive nature and flexibility. With the successes that we’ve had using the software, we now get a number of requests from throughout the company to run new tests.”
— Big Lots


“APT’s software enables us to make profitable decisions with unmatched speed and accuracy across the entire organization, providing significant competitive advantage.”
— The Kellogg Company


“Implementing APT allows us to measure the incremental value of any new program before committing to a network-wide rollout. This enables us to focus our resources on the highest value opportunities going forward.”

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