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  • "We’ve already utilized Category Management Insights to better understand the impact of several key initiatives like our “Super Wow Promotions,” tent sales, ongoing promotions, pricing, and new product introductions. For example, with CMI we were able to isolate the sales lift we got from our Men’s Performance Tees pricing change despite concurrent new brand introductions within that category. We were able to determine that the adjusted pricing was attracting new customers who were generating larger transactions, improving the economics of the initiative versus what was previously apparent. Further, we could understand which items were being purchased together in those baskets, which may allow us to tailor future promotions. The software’s ease of use and flexibility provides our merchants with rapid insights that used to take days or even weeks to reach. CMI’s insights equip merchants with transparency into category performance and facilitate a centralized means of communicating and understanding results across our organization. Traditionally much of our promotional planning has been founded in what we did at the same time last year or guided by ‘gut feel.’ By using MBA to understand a new offer structure for our annual Holiday Promotion, we learned that the offer we were planning to run was going to give away more in margin than we could make up through increased traffic. Avoiding that particular sale saved us significant margin dollars."

    — VP-GM