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Testimonials from Select Current Clients

  • American Family Insurance

    “American Family Insurance has always focused on making data-driven decisions for our customers. A more rigorous testing process was the natural progression—a test versus control impact is truly the best way to determine a program’s impact and if it is worth further investment. In-market testing provides insight that allows us to continually enhance our customers’ experience and drive the exceptional value our customers want and expect from us.”

    — VP of Strategic Data & Analytics
  • American Greetings

    I had the pleasure of working with APT earlier in my career at a major retailer and now value the relationship as a consumer goods marketer. The Test and Learn capability provides a powerful analytical foundation and approach for evaluating and tailoring business initiatives to increase their value. We have been able to identify millions of dollars in specific incremental profit opportunities for ourselves and for our retail partners. APT provides more than just a software solution - they are a partner in building our business.

    — Executive Director of Business Intelligence
  • American Greetings

    By using Test and Learn, we know that we are basing our decisions on proven potential, and this allows us to build an implementation plan with the highest expected benefit. On the flip side, testing prevents us from making poor choices and allows us to invest our money in the initiatives that will be most profitable.

    — Director of Quantitative Methods and Research
  • American Greetings

    For the past decade, APT has been a thought-partner in developing our analytical capabilities. In addition to using their Test & Learn software to determine the impact of new programs, we also employ APT’s Space Planning Optimizer solution to help us maximize dollars at retail. The software generates actionable space recommendations by product, by category, and by retail location. We continue to use APT’s software because it significantly impacts our decision-making process and improves our bottom-line.

    — Director of Quantitative Methods and Research
  • Asahi Breweries

    It is our top priority to support our clients to help increase their sales and profits. To do this, it is very important to learn how each initiative works and to identify what is the ‘winning pattern.’ Traditionally, to figure out which initiative would generate profits, we used to roll it out and wait to understand the results. But by introducing APT’s Test & Learn software, we can predict the impact of the initiative before rolling it out. This enables us to understand the impact of new programs with higher accuracy. For example, when we were considering introducing a new beer menu at a restaurant network, we tested the idea using APT’s software. We found that the new beer menu did not lead to the expected increase in margin and also decreased the sales of beer. Based on this result, we decided not to roll out the initiative. Instead we tested an alternative initiative and found out that the impact of the new initiative was profitable for both the restaurant network and us. APT’s software identified the profit improvement opportunities for this initiative and improved collaboration with the restaurant company.

    — Director of Asahi Breweries
  • AutoZone

    After observing the significant value added by APT during the initial rollout, we decided it was essential to extend our relationship and continue to incorporate Test & Learn into the decision-making process at AutoZone. One of APT’s benefits is that it enables us to cut through the noise and understand how to merchandise our stores and organize our supply chain to deliver on behalf of our customers.

    — Chief Information Officer
  • Banfield

    We continually strive to improve the quality of our service and the care we provide to pets through new and innovative products and programs. The APT software helps us test and understand the impact of new ideas before they are implemented in our hospitals. Having this knowledge allows us to make decisions that contribute to high quality of care for pets and provide an exceptional experience for our clients.

    — Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • BigLots

    We are looking forward to our relationship with APT continuing to provide us with a greater ability to design, conduct, and act upon tests of new initiatives, adding keener insight and analytic capability to our organization.

    — Chief Financial Officer
  • BI-LO

    Since we began using the software, it has greatly improved our knowledge of how new merchandising and marketing programs are affecting our business. We are excited to leverage the software to guide major decisions moving forward.

    — Chief Financial Officer
  • Bob Evans

    After analyzing a few key initiatives with APT, we’re transitioning to using the software more broadly and institutionalizing the Test & Learn process across our organization. We want to make sure we’re leveraging the software wherever possible to accurately measure the cause-and-effect impact of initiatives and make more profitable decisions.

    — Chief Concept Officer and Executive Vice President
  • Boots

    From the outset, we were impressed with APT and excited by the possibilities the software was offering. We have been extremely satisfied with the results Test & Learn provided from our in-store trials, which determined our longer term investment decisions.

    — Head of Trials Management
  • California Pizza Kitchen

    APT’s Test & Learn software enables us to accurately evaluate new ideas on a broad range of metrics. Using APT, we are able to determine which location types and guest segments respond best to specific initiatives. For example, we used APT’s software to analyze our remodel and menu enhancement program. The software helped us determine where we should invest in minor upgrades vs. larger overhauls, and which menu items to promote.

    — SVP of Finance
  • Charming Charlie

    Since beginning our engagement with APT, our team has been impressed with the accuracy, speed, and depth of insights from APT’s Test & Learn software. In addition, with Test & Learn, we have been able to cut results in numerous ways to see how a store initiative impacts different categories and customer segments. This flexibility, coupled with access to industry best practices in test design and process, has enabled us to more accurately evaluate all of our actions and better understand how they are impacting our customers’ shopping experience, as well as our bottom line. Before using APT’s software, we had limited visibility into customer behavior at the transaction-level. In the first four months of using APT’s software, we ran over 200 basket analyses, including evaluating how many margin dollars each planned promotion would cost us to run, designing product bundles, and informing product placement in stores. We look forward to continuing to leverage Market Basket Analyzer and Category Management Insights to inform our daily merchandising, promotion, and marketing decisions.

    — Chief Financial Officer
  • Charming Charlie

    We are excited to leverage APT’s Network Planner software and MasterCard insights to refine our network planning strategy as we look to bring Charming Charlie to more markets and build out our network in existing markets. With MasterCard insights, we will be able to more accurately evaluate the growth of the apparel and accessories industry around each location, as well as identify which areas have the highest concentration of our best customers, what other stores our customers shop at on the same shopping trip in order to identify the highest value cotenants, and more.

    — Senior Vice President of Real Estate
  • Chicos

    In the highly competitive and fast-moving world of apparel retail, there is need for in depth testing and analysis in a controlled environment. We have seen how APT’s solution is able to rapidly design and test high-impact ideas before rolling them out to the entire store chain or customer base. The ability to confidently predict the impact of potential outcomes will build on Chico’s ability to quickly bring the best merchandise and shopping experience to our customers.

    — VP - Financial Planning & Strategy
  • Chicos

    Customers are probably more selective than they’ve ever been and we need to make sure that we’re reaching out to them in the best way. Using APT's software gave us significant analytical power that we simply couldn’t replicate with our internal systems.

    — Director of Brand Planning
  • Choice Hotels

    The hotel business is dramatically changing with the advent of new technology, new industry participants and new channels for booking hotels. This new environment provides great opportunities but potential risks/costs as well. Now more than ever, it is critical for us to precisely allocate marketing, capital, and promotional resources in order to generate maximum profitability for Choice Hotels and its licensees. APT’s ability to accurately predict the impact of various decisions helps us foster confidence before rolling out strategic ideas in the quickly changing hospitality industry.

    — Senior Vice President of Performance Analytics
  • Costa Coffee

    As the UK’s favourite coffee shop, it is critical for Costa to have the best tools in place to rapidly generate insights that create value for our business. APT is instrumental in improving the analytic rigor and speed with which we make decisions on store investments and the right range of products. The ability to automate complex analytic processes has not only provided more accurate decisions, but it has significantly decreased the time required to understand the impact of each new idea.

    — Finance Director
  • Cracker  Barrel

    APT’s Test & Learn software gives us the ability to test and analyze marketing and operational initiatives before we implement them across our entire system. This ability is increasingly important to our efforts to improve financial performance while continuing to deliver an outstanding dining experience to our guests.

    — Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.
  • CVS

    As a pharmacy innovation company, we are constantly developing new programs to engage consumers in a dynamic marketplace. We look forward to utilizing the coordinative aspects of APT’s Test & Learn solution as we manage testing activities across our retail organization.

    — Vice President of Advertising
  • Dennys

    APT’s solution enables us to rapidly innovate by more accurately predicting the impact of new ideas. This solution better equips us to bring winning ideas to our franchisees and successfully maximize visits, profits, and guest satisfaction.

    — CMO
  • Dixons Carphone

    This continues to be an exciting time for Dixons Carphone as we grow our business and expand our services for customers. APT allows us to test ideas quickly and accurately, enabling us to continue to innovate and therefore drive value for our customers.

    — Chief Marketing Officer
  • Dixons Carphone

    Dixons Carphone strives to employ the most robust analytical methods to answer a host of questions brought about by the digital age, questions such as – How do we measure the impact of new cross-channel services? How does a change through our online channels impact shoppers’ decision making in-store? Understanding the profit impact of every action taken is crucial in a multi-channel environment where small changes might increase or decrease profitability in different parts of the business. Test & Learn allows us to distill the incremental profit impact of new multi-channel strategies amidst the ‘noise’ brought on by volatile metrics and an increasing number of sales channels.

    — Head of Strategy
  • Dixons Carphone

    Test & Learn can help us identify customer preferences, for example relating to delivery and installation or reserve and collect. It can also show how online marketing activity, such as search or retargeting, impacts the behaviour of shoppers offline, and how this varies by category. Richer data and customer insight is enabling us to become more targeted, helping to offer every customer the product which is right for them.

    — Head of Strategy
  • Dunkin’ Brands Group

    As we look ahead to our goal of having more than 30,000 restaurants worldwide over the long-term, we know that advanced analytics are a critical component of strategic and successful growth, strong franchisee relationships, and the most consistent and outstanding experience for our guests. Dunkin’ Brands is constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of the consumer, and in-market testing is a critical component of our innovation strategy for both Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins. APT’s software allows us to determine which new products resonate best with our guests over the course of these tests.

    — Senior Vice President, Dunkin’ Donuts Brand Marketing, Global Consumer Insights & Product Innovation
  • Duracell

    Test & Learn software enhances our analytics capabilities and increases the speed of our analysis and our ability to innovate. We are currently working to expand this culture of testing to the broader organization. We are excited about the possibility of growing our relationship in the future across new geographies and retail partners.

    — Vice President and General Manager
  • Family Dollar

    Family Dollar considers Test and Learn to be a key strategic capability for evaluating and optimizing business initiatives. We have applied APT tools to important initiatives ranging from operations to marketing to capital investment, identifying specific improvement opportunities with substantial value. I have been impressed by APT’s continuing commitment to provide best practice insight for building our Test and Learn capability. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership.

    — EVP, Strategy and Marketing
  • Family Dollar

    Family Dollar continuously strives to stay relevant to its customers. To that end, Family Dollar is expanding its analytic capability by integrating APT Market Basket Analyzer into its decision-making process. The integration of APT Market Basket Analyzer with Family Dollar’s existing Test and Learn capability will allow more precise measurement and optimization of marketing and merchandising initiatives, helping Family Dollar to be a compelling place to shop for its customers.

    — EVP, Strategy and Marketing
  • Good Year Tires & Services Network

    We’ve chosen APT software for Goodyear Retail because of its Test & Learn capabilities and overall business analytics. Their tools allow us to evaluate different programs in a controlled methodology to make better decisions that drive results and delivers more value to consumers.

    — Vice President, Goodyear Retail
  • Hastings Direct

    APT’s Test & Learn® software allows us to elevate our analytical capabilities to the next level. We will be able to measure small changes in key metrics caused by our marketing initiatives so we can make more informed decisions about what media to run, where to run it and when to run it to maximise our return on investment.

    — Digital and Marketing Director
  • IHG

    Our executive team is now both comfortable and confident in relying on Test and Learn to inform decision making. As a result, we have an accelerated rate of innovation within IHG and leverage a consistent framework for making large dollar investment decisions across the company.

    — Chief Marketing Officer
  • Kellogg’s

    After working with APT to generate value from several key initiatives, including modular resets and product changes, we are excited to begin an agreement to license APT’s Test & Learn™ software. APT’s software enables us to make profitable decisions with unmatched speed and accuracy across the entire organization, providing significant competitive advantage. APT’s software also helps us drive value for our retail partners by clearly identifying the optimal rollout strategy for new initiatives. For many of our retail partners who also use APT, the software has improved lines of communication by bringing a standardized analytical platform to measure the impact of any initiative.

    — Vice President of Category Management
  • KFC UK

    APT enables us clearly to understand the cause-and-effect relationship between our business initiatives and outcomes. We now have a deep understanding of how remodelling a restaurant affects our customers and helps to grow our sales. APT helped us take our culture of innovating through conducting ‘business experiments’ to the next level, making it more accurate, efficient and process-driven. We are already in the process of designing new tests using APT’s software and are looking forward to analysing many other high-value initiatives.

    — Chief Finance and Development Officer
  • KFC UK

    Bringing new products to our customers for new occasions is a key part of KFC’s strategy, and previously it was difficult to isolate what was happening because of the product, and what was due to other factors such as asset type, weather and competition. APT enables us accurately to measure the halo and cannibalisation effect of new product introductions, manage menu complexity, and by doing so, ensure that the items we introduce not only drive profitability but also increase guest satisfaction.

    — Commercial Director
  • Lane Bryant

    Testing new business ideas is of paramount importance in the apparel industry, where merchandise, styles, prices, and product preferences are constantly changing. We were impressed with APT’s ability to drive value at Lane Bryant after a year working together and decided to extend our relationship.

    — Chief Financial Officer
  • Maverik

    Though we have a great analytics team at Maverik, APT’s software has improved the speed, accuracy, and granularity of our data-driven decisions. Unlike other software tools, APT generates actionable recommendations for how to improve performance across a wide range of business programs. APT’s Test & Learn software allows us to reduce the risk associated with rolling out a new strategy across our network. It rapidly tells us the incremental impact of each new idea, while providing store-by-store recommendations about which ideas to deploy. APT’s Market Basket Analyzer software has substantially improved our ability to use detailed transaction-level data. Using the software, our decision-makers can easily access all of our transactional data in one place – we don’t have to write queries to aggregate the data or develop code to answer each business question. The software allows us to easily explore the data to understand which items to promote, how to improve bundles, which items are found in larger baskets, and which items are good candidates for rationalization.

    — VP of Customer Fanatics
  • McDonald’s

    APT’s software has given us a platform to measure the cause-and-effect impact of our initiatives more rapidly, accurately and efficiently. Their software solutions seamlessly integrate into our current decision-making process and enable us to more quickly measure dozens of in-market experiments across KPIs. For instance, APT’s software helped us understand that ‘All Day Breakfast’ generated incremental business by attracting new customers and leading to larger check sizes for existing customers. This initiative was a primary driver of growth in our most recent quarter.

    — Senior Vice President of Strategy and Insights
  • McDonaldAMEPA

    The APT conference provided excellent opportunities to know about other companies’ processes and challenges and how they are using the APT solution to drive the business. Understanding how others are leveraging Test & Learn in different industries was really helpful and eye-opening.

    — Senior Manager
  • Office Max

    We view Test and Learn as an important weapon for driving revenue growth and margin improvement in our retail segment...Running rapid tests allows OfficeMax to measure the impact of new business programs and use the results to tailor the programs to provide the best performance and value for our customers. We chose APT because we believe their software and approaches will help us achieve a step-change improvement in our ability to rapidly improve our business.

    — Vice President of Category Management and Customer Insight
  • Owens Corning

    With the help of Test and Learn and the team at APT we have been able to meet our goals of being the market-leading innovator in our industry. The strategic insights gained with the help of Test and Learn have been critical to our success and we look forward to continuing to leverage our relationship to provide even more high-quality products and services to customers around the world.

    — Vice President and General Manager
  • Owens Corning

    "With an ever-increasing number of touch points with consumers in today’s market, it’s crucial that we continue to refine the science we use to analyze and understand exactly how the marketing and merchandising mix is driving purchasing decisions. Our exclusive relationship with APT is key to pushing that science forward, in that it not only provides us with an efficient and analytically sophisticated tool to understand the true impact of our marketing efforts, it also provides our customers with a strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace and drives our mutual success."

    — Director of Strategic Marketing
  • Payless

    APT provides invaluable guidance about what to test and how to perform a good test. It is clear that APT is interested in Payless succeeding, and they are in our corner, helping us to drive greater and greater value for our company.

    — Vice President of Finance
  • PF Changs

    P.F. Chang’s innovative concepts are dedicated to delivering great food and an exceptional guest experience. APT has been a great partner as we continue to take a data-driven approach to our innovation. Due to the volatility in the restaurant environment, it is more important than ever to isolate the cause-and-effect relationship between any new idea and the financial outcome of that idea. Partnering with APT will enable us to more accurately measure the impacts of our initiatives by using data to create predictive links between our ideas and our expectations. The Test and Learn software gives us confidence that the insights we gain will support and enhance our long-term brand strategies.

    — Chief Financial Officer
  • Publix

    At Publix, we are passionately focused on customer value. APT’s Test and Learn approach has helped us better understand which investments create the most value for our customers so we can continue to better serve them. The APT team has been an excellent partner for us. We look forward to our partnership as we seek to efficiently roll out high value initiatives that will appeal to our customers.

    — Director of Media and Community Relations
  • Publix

    In an employee-owned organization as large as Publix, suggestions on which services, products, and innovations we should introduce next come from across the business. APT’s software enables us to quickly evaluate each of these ideas so that we can allocate funds to those that work and scale back the ones that don’t. Beyond using Test & Learn software, we have invested in APT’s Network Planner and Market Basket Analyzer software as well. APT’s Market Basket Analyzer puts transaction-level data at our fingertips, enabling us to rapidly generate insights and try new and bolder ideas that enhance the customer experience and strengthen our brand.

    — Director of Media and Community Relations
  • RBC

    We are excited to be working with APT. We believe in the importance of the Test and Learn methodology and look forward to applying Test and Learn to a wide range of initiatives. Implementing APT allows us to measure the incremental value of any new program before committing to a network-wide rollout. This enables us to focus our resources on the highest value opportunities going forward.

    — Vice President of Channel Strategy
  • rue21

    APT’s Network Planner solution will enable our team to reach our goal of further enhancing the ROI for each of our new stores, including new builds and store conversions. Our mission is to have APT help facilitate objective discussions about our prioritization of new stores by providing us with accurate predictions of the financial performance of each potential new site, while taking into consideration the probable sales impact on our existing stores.With APT’s Network Planner we plan to identify the optimal locations for new stores based on demographic attributes, such as whether the site is in an urban or rural area, or site characteristics, such as if it’s located in a strip mall or a traditional mall. Such factors significantly affect store performance and have been part of rue21’s process in making real estate decisions. The rue21 project with APT’s Network Planner will simplify rue21’s process and enable our analysts to generate site-by-site sales predictions as well as predicted sales cannibalization impact on nearby stores.

    — SVP of Real Estate
  • Shopko

    Shopko is making efforts to continue to localize and tailor our assortment for our customers. We recognized the opportunity to leverage APT’s Space Planning Optimizer as a way to accelerate and advance our capabilities to achieve our goals of having more tailored assortments and customer shopping experiences in our different markets. APT’s Test & Learn software has transformed the manner in which we shape and evaluate our key strategic and operational initiatives. The value already generated from using the software made it very easy for us to renew our license.

    — CFO
  • Shopko

    With Market Basket Analyzer, decision-makers across our organization have basket-level insights at their fingertips within minutes. Whether informing SKU rationalization decisions, designing promotional bundles, or determining which products are true traffic drivers, we use Market Basket Analyzer to get a more holistic picture of each item, including the typical purchase behavior and customer loyalty associated with that item. We are very excited to continue our relationship with APT and to leverage Test & Learn and Market Basket Analyzer to quantify and optimize the customer value of our strategic decisions and initiatives.

    — Senior Vice President
  • Signet

    In rolling out Test and Learn across our UK brands, we expect it to meaningfully change the way we test and implement major new initiatives.

    — CFO
  • Skylark

    As a large restaurant organization with multiple brands, we needed a platform which could support a robust and repeatable way to evaluate new ideas. For instance, we run hundreds of newspaper inserts and promotions each year. Using Test & Learn, we are now able to try a promotion with a subset of locations or customers, and evaluate the accurate incremental impact of that promotion before a large scale roll-out. This has greatly helped Skylark refine our promotional strategy and has provided new hypotheses for future promotions. During the pilot, we also used Test & Learn to analyze initiatives across many other functional areas, including pricing, remodels, and menu optimization. After driving significant value with Test & Learn and receiving exceptional support from the APT team, we are confident in our decision to license the software.

    — Director of Business Insights and Marketing
  • Staples

    We are very pleased with APT’s suite of products. The tool is easy to use and provides accurate detailed answers to initiatives with the associated degree of confidence. It has provided the capacity to measure initiatives, providing Staples the ability to quantify these future opportunities for the company - in addition, the team at APT has been very helpful and insightful.

    — President U.S. Stores
  • Subway

    Some people think that Test and Learn™ is nerdy and a lot of analysis. I think it's just the opposite. It helps us to be maximally creative and risk taking. We can test any exciting but risky idea before we roll it out and rapidly roll out the ones that work. With APT we were able to very rapidly develop a capability that otherwise would take years to create in-house; in addition APT's solution provided consistent, standardized results allowing us to innovate quickly and with confidence.

    — President and CEO of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust (SFAFT)
  • Sunoco

    We have a great opportunity to leverage APT's Test & Learn software across all of our retail banners including Stripes and APlus. For example, we will be analyzing the impact of adding Laredo Taco, the Stripes fresh Mexican foodservice concept, to additional locations, to serve our customers and drive fuel customers into our stores. Similarly, we look forward to using the software to refine our promotional and merchandising strategies, as well as to generate more nuanced customer segmentations and smarter offers for our APlus Rewards program.

    — Vice President of Merchandising
  • Suntrust

    The Test and Learn capability provides a powerful, yet easy to use and understand, approach for evaluating and optimizing business initiatives. We have been able to apply the APT tools to a range of initiatives at both the ATM and branch level, identifying specific improvement opportunities with substantial value.

    — Senior Vice President, Retail Branch Banking Sales & Services
  • Suntrust

    APT provides much more than just software - they are a valuable partner in helping us improve our business and continuing to serve our clients better. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with APT.

    — Senior Vice President, Retail Banking Investments
  • Talbots

    We believe that APT’s software will allow us to test and analyze key business insights. Overall, the analyses generated from APT’s Test & Learn software will provide us with informed clarity surrounding the effect of specific programs related to various marketing programs, promotional offers, merchandise strategies and capital investments. Having this insight will strengthen our confidence as we evaluate and implement new ideas.

    — Chief Financial Officer
  • TD Bank Group

    The APT platform enables us to better leverage the wealth of data in the call center to greatly improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. From strategic questions surrounding outsourcing, to more tactical questions about how frequently we should reach out to customers during a campaign, the APT Suite is helping us improve upon our business.

    — Senior Vice President, Phone Channel
  • Thomas Cook

    We are constantly trying new ideas within our business to ensure that our customers continue to enjoy the great customer experience that Thomas Cook is known for. APT has proven to be a valuable partner in the pursuit of constant growth and innovation, enabling our team to conduct in-market tests to determine which initiatives work best, before rolling them out to all of our customers.

    — Finance Director, eCommerce
  • Thorntons

    We have used APT’s Test & Learn for Sites software to evaluate and refine a range of initiatives, including our fuel pricing strategy, remodels, foodservice offering, alternative fuel introductions and more. Since we initially licensed Test & Learn in 2012, it has touched nearly every facet of our business, and we continue to use test results to guide multi-million dollar investments across marketing, merchandising, labor, and capital expenditure projects. Recently, we have also leveraged APT’s Test & Learn for Customers software to optimize our Refreshing Rewards program. By analyzing each of our loyalty initiatives in Test & Learn, we are able to better understand which products we should offer to which guests at what time. Additionally, aggregating learnings in the software’s Loyalty Dashboard allows us to gain a more holistic picture of how Refreshing Rewards is performing, while fostering a rapid, high-volume testing culture within our organization. Having the ability to link Market Basket Analyzer to Test & Learn analyses gives us a deeper understanding of test results. For example, we can understand what else people are buying with promoted items, which types of guests are redeeming each offer, and more.

    — President
  • Tractor Supply Company

    As a test and learn company, Tractor Supply continuously seeks to understand the success of various initiatives, which can be challenging due to the seasonal nature of our business and the potential influence of external factors. APT software has improved the rigor, speed, and consistency of our test analysis, allowing us to better understand the performance of high-impact initiatives, such as the launch of our Neighbor’s Club loyalty program and new product introductions.

    — Chief Financial Officer
  • TweenBrands

    APT has been invaluable throughout our evaluation of key initiatives. The software delivers highly informative insights that have helped us evaluate the ROI of high impact investments. We’ve also experimented with strategic adjustments to the depth and frequency of our promotions and APT has enabled us to measure the incremental impact of these changes. One such analysis helped us quantify an over 10% incremental gain in sales attributable to a prior marketing campaign. With APT’s Test & Learn for Customers® we now have a systematic and robust approach to testing the impact of each of our numerous customer outreach initiatives and understanding which offers and messaging drive a profitable response. With the powerful analytic capability of APT, we can isolate the true effects of our investments amidst the noise of our own promotional and merchandising activities and external factors that affect customer behavior. We look forward to leveraging APT to optimize the impact of our campaigns and to further understand how our customers interact with our brands across channels.

    — President of Tween Brands Agency
  • United Dairy Farmers

    APT’s software has accelerated the innovation process at UDF by enabling us to run more in-market tests with less cost across our nearly 200 locations. We have used APT’s Test & Learn for Sites software to design and analyze a number of tests, including understanding the incremental impact of our loyalty program, window signage, adjusting our fuel pricing strategy and more. Transaction log data contains so many valuable insights, but it can be difficult to access them without the right tools. APT Market Basket Analyzer gave our team the ability to rapidly organize and mine our t-log data to understand which items are high value, what customers purchase with popular items, and more. With these insights, we can make smarter merchandising and marketing decisions that ultimately move the needle on profits. Following our pilot engagement with APT, we have only great things to say about APT’s dedicated client services team and powerful analytic platform and we look forward to continuing to drive value by more accurately evaluating and refining each new initiative using APT’s software suite.

    — Head of Retail
  • VF Outlet

    We’ve already utilized Category Management Insights to better understand the impact of several key initiatives like our “Super Wow Promotions,” tent sales, ongoing promotions, pricing, and new product introductions. For example, with CMI we were able to isolate the sales lift we got from our Men’s Performance Tees pricing change despite concurrent new brand introductions within that category. We were able to determine that the adjusted pricing was attracting new customers who were generating larger transactions, improving the economics of the initiative versus what was previously apparent. Further, we could understand which items were being purchased together in those baskets, which may allow us to tailor future promotions. The software’s ease of use and flexibility provides our merchants with rapid insights that used to take days or even weeks to reach. CMI’s insights equip merchants with transparency into category performance and facilitate a centralized means of communicating and understanding results across our organization. Traditionally much of our promotional planning has been founded in what we did at the same time last year or guided by ‘gut feel.’ By using MBA to understand a new offer structure for our annual Holiday Promotion, we learned that the offer we were planning to run was going to give away more in margin than we could make up through increased traffic. Avoiding that particular sale saved us significant margin dollars.

    — VP-GM
  • Wawa

    APT’s analytically powerful software suite matches our emphasis on the importance of fact-based decision making for operational, marketing, and real estate issues. The Test and Learn approach provides us with a clear strategic advantage, allowing us to hone in on the initiatives that will maximize our time and capital investments.

    — Chief Financial Officer
  • Wendys

    The decision to continue our relationship with APT was an easy one. Test & Learn continues to be a critical part of our organizational decision-making process as we continually seek to improve guest satisfaction and shareholder value. Wendy’s has used the APT software to evaluate the effectiveness of many initiatives. After an initiative is evaluated through consumer research, we use the Test & Learn software to analyze it in scientific in-market tests. The software automatically shows us whether the initiative generated incremental visits or simply cannibalized existing business.

    — Vice President of Finance & Planning
  • White Castle

    Leveraging APT’s analytical tools allows us to quickly and efficiently analyze key decisions, to test them in market to better understand if they work, where and how they work best, and then tailor a targeted rollout so that we can best serve our guests. The integration of APT’s Test & Learn approach with our existing capabilities will allow us for a more refined measurement and optimization of our business programs, enabling White Castle to be an even more compelling place to dine for its customers.

    — VP of Marketing and Menu Development
  • White Castle

    Given the extent to which we leverage APT’s Test & Learn and Menu Analyzer software, the decision to renew our relationship with APT was very easy and straightforward. We use APT’s software to make better decisions across the majority of our business. We’ve used the software to evaluate new menu items, determine optimal portion size, enhance guest experience through Castle remodels, and set the right prices. There are many examples of how Test & Learn has impacted our decision-making. In evaluating the success of a new product, it’s necessary to look at so much more than simply how well that item sells. APT’s Test & Learn software helps us understand the extent to which new items generate truly incremental transactions, i.e., if we are getting new guests to visit our restaurants or if the guests who were already visiting are simply buying the new item instead of an existing item. Beyond understanding if a new item is driving new guest visits, we’ve used APT’s software to predict the demand of a new item at each location and optimize our ordering strategy accordingly. In conjunction with APT’s Test & Learn software, we use APT’s Menu Analyzer to understand how a new item introduction affects check size, which items are purchased along with new items, and in which dayparts they are ordered, helping to inform our marketing and menu strategies going forward. Beyond significantly enhanced analytic accuracy, the speed and automation APT provides enables us to analyze and act based on our tests rapidly. We’re able to see results of our actions in nearly real time, which greatly increases our ability to roll out strategies that improve guest experience and profits right away.

    — Director