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rue21 is a leading specialty apparel retailer offering exclusive branded merchandise and the newest trends at a great value.  rue21 currently operates 1,171 stores in 48 states and on its website, rue21.com. 

Learn more at www.rue21.com.

  • "APT’s Network Planner solution will enable our team to reach our goal of further enhancing the ROI for each of our new stores, including new builds and store conversions. Our mission is to have APT help facilitate objective discussions about our prioritization of new stores by providing us with accurate predictions of the financial performance of each potential new site, while taking into consideration the probable sales impact on our existing stores.With APT’s Network Planner we plan to identify the optimal locations for new stores based on demographic attributes, such as whether the site is in an urban or rural area, or site characteristics, such as if it’s located in a strip mall or a traditional mall. Such factors significantly affect store performance and have been part of rue21’s process in making real estate decisions. The rue21 project with APT’s Network Planner will simplify rue21’s process and enable our analysts to generate site-by-site sales predictions as well as predicted sales cannibalization impact on nearby stores."

    — SVP of Real Estate