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About KFC UK

To learn more about KFC UK, please visit http://www.kfc.co.uk


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  • "APT enables us clearly to understand the cause-and-effect relationship between our business initiatives and outcomes. We now have a deep understanding of how remodelling a restaurant affects our customers and helps to grow our sales. APT helped us take our culture of innovating through conducting ‘business experiments’ to the next level, making it more accurate, efficient and process-driven. We are already in the process of designing new tests using APT’s software and are looking forward to analysing many other high-value initiatives."

    — Chief Finance and Development Officer
  • "Bringing new products to our customers for new occasions is a key part of KFC’s strategy, and previously it was difficult to isolate what was happening because of the product, and what was due to other factors such as asset type, weather and competition. APT enables us accurately to measure the halo and cannibalisation effect of new product introductions, manage menu complexity, and by doing so, ensure that the items we introduce not only drive profitability but also increase guest satisfaction."

    — Commercial Director