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About Dixons Carphone Group

To learn more about Dixons Carphone Group, please visit http://www.dixonscarphonegroup.com.

  • "This continues to be an exciting time for Dixons Carphone as we grow our business and expand our services for customers. APT allows us to test ideas quickly and accurately, enabling us to continue to innovate and therefore drive value for our customers."

    — Chief Marketing Officer
  • "Dixons Carphone strives to employ the most robust analytical methods to answer a host of questions brought about by the digital age, questions such as – How do we measure the impact of new cross-channel services? How does a change through our online channels impact shoppers’ decision making in-store? Understanding the profit impact of every action taken is crucial in a multi-channel environment where small changes might increase or decrease profitability in different parts of the business. Test & Learn allows us to distill the incremental profit impact of new multi-channel strategies amidst the ‘noise’ brought on by volatile metrics and an increasing number of sales channels."

    — Head of Strategy
  • "Test & Learn can help us identify customer preferences, for example relating to delivery and installation or reserve and collect. It can also show how online marketing activity, such as search or retargeting, impacts the behaviour of shoppers offline, and how this varies by category. Richer data and customer insight is enabling us to become more targeted, helping to offer every customer the product which is right for them."

    — Head of Strategy